Abandoned Dreams Synopsis

The Story

Derelict and abandoned boats are one of the most frustrating and alarming issues faced by British Columbia’s coastal communities today. Reaching the end of their usable life cycle, with current disposal options being prohibitively expensive and no way to track ownership, old sail and powerboats are being left to rot on their moorings in public anchorages and bays in staggering numbers.

Not only do these vessels clog up BC’s most prized destinations and waterways but they often end up drifting onto beaches and into public property—costing taxpayers and communities millions of dollars in damage and environmental clean-up each year. Up until recently, these coastal communities were left to deal with the issue themselves, with little support from government and no way to hold boaters accountable for their vessels. But with Transport Canada’s recently announced Abandoned Boats Program and several exciting initiatives in the works, help is on the horizon.

The Documentary

Abandoned Dreams looks into the root causes of this abandoned boat epidemic, from social issues like the rising cost of living and lack of marina space in BC, to administrative issues like tracking and enforcing responsible boat ownership, and finally take a look at the new government program and the future plans for accessible and safe boat disposal and recycling in BC.

Abandoned Dreams shows viewers the stark contrast between BC’s beautiful coastline and the eyesore of rotting and derelict boats in its bays and beaches. We interview boat owners and community members who are frustrated by the degradation of their local waters, government officials who are implementing the Abandoned Boat Program, and boating industry experts who can provide context on what this issue and its solutions mean to the boating community and economy in general.

This documentary is visually and thematically entertaining and informative to casual viewers and boat owners alike, and will show the full impact of this issue on BC’s coastal communities and environment.

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Producer: Desiree Miller